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MetalGuard™ is the first fully automated online trace metals analyzer for monitoring municipal and industrial water and wastewater. The system provides real-time, multi-stream analysis for a range of trace metal contaminants.

MetalGuard delivers accurate and reliable results (up to 1 ppb or ± 15%, whichever is higher) with a typical measurement time of fewer than 30 minutes. The system also allows for manually collected samples to be analyzed.

MetalGuard™ Lead Alert!™

A novel automated and unattended real-time lead corrosion risk management system for monitoring the risk of exposure to lead contamination.

The analyzer provides rapid analysis of the safety of drinking water in homes, schools, day-cares exposed to the risk of lead contamination. It is designed to be used independently or in conjunction with SafeGuard™ Lead for rapid low-cost analysis of locations predicted to be  at risk for an increase in contamination risk.

AMS COVID-19/Coronavirus Update and Action Plan

AMS continues to track the progress of COVID-19 and take actions to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients and vendors by guarding against workplace-based transmission. In this update to our COVID-19 action plan, our policy remains one of minimizing the risk of our employees becoming agents of transmission while also protecting their health and that of those with whom they come into contact while at work and outside the workplace.

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AMS Selected to the AFCP and Game Changers Innovation Challenge to Treat NOx

AMS has been selected to the Advanced Fuel Cycle Programme (AFCP) and Game Changers cross-sector solutions challenge for the treatment of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from nuclear fuel recycling off-gases to minimize the environmental impact of recycling operations. AFCP is led in partnership with the U.K. Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) who are collaborating with leading industrial, academic and research institutions to investigate the role of advanced nuclear fuels and fuel cycles for a Net Zero greenhouse gas emission future. AMS has been awarded funding to complete feasibility studies based on its unique SafeGuard™ H2O fully automated, on-demand, in-situ generator of stannous and tin dioxide. AMS will be demonstrating the power of tin to secure a clean energy future for all.

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AMS COVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Action Plan May 2021

This is an update to AMS’ COVID-19 policies and protocols designed to minimize the risk of exposing our employees and those with whom they come into contact to potential infection by COVID-19 while carrying out duties that include visits to client sites. Our updated COVID-19 policy and protocols are also intended to reduce potential demands on health support services and ensure business continuity.

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AMS COVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Action Plan

AMS CEO Rick Bacon provides a COVID-19/coronavirus update and action plan to continue to ensure the availability of AMS analyzers that provide mission-critical, accurate and reliable real-time water quality data while minimizing the risk of infection of employees in the workplace.

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AMS Brings a Proven and Affordable Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Solution to California’s Food Processing Industry

The state of California has a long history managing Cr(VI) in its drinking water and has been working to reestablish a standard by reevaluating the health information, as well as technologies that can provide effective treatment at lower costs. To address the lack of an effective and economically viable treatment solution for big cities, small communities, and industries, AMS has developed a low-cost Cr(VI) remediation system that removes this carcinogen to non-detectable levels at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment systems.

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Aqua Metrology Systems Participates in the 2020 Innovation Showcase at BlueTech Forum: Connect

AMS took part in the June 4, 2020 Virtual Innovation Showcase at the BlueTech Forum: Connect. Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS delivered one of the 11 presentations featured at the forum’s Innovation Showcase. Bacon discussed how the online AMS THM Formation Potential analyzer — THM-100-FP™ — provides utilities and industries with real-time accurate and reliable water quality data that enable them to better manage treatment processes 24/7.

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AMS Harnesses the Power of Tin to Address a Broad Range of Waterborne and Airborne Contaminants

AMS, the pioneer of the in-situ stannous generation system, has significantly widened the application of this highly effective non-toxic metal to address a broad range of waterborne and airborne contaminants that threaten the health of people and their environment. SafeGuard™ H2O will enable the cost-effective treatment of drinking and industrial effluent that is contaminated with trace metals and capture airborne contaminants such as nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.

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AMS Delivers Real-Time Water Quality Data and Remediation Solutions to California Utilities

A study released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that a mix of pollutants in California drinking water could cause an estimated 15,500 additional cases of cancer over the course of a lifetime. While concerns about water quality and safety continue to grow, it is important to note that a number of California utilities are already implementing real-time, online monitoring to determine the presence of water-borne contaminants of concern and ensure drinking water safety at all times. AMS is helping these utilities to not only identify THM and trace metal contaminant threats, but also to diagnose critical treatment system performance once a solution has been put in place.

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