Aqua Metrology Systems

Client Services

Every instrument is offered with a 5-year warranty. Additionally, the operation of every instrument we supply is supported with remote, 24/7 factory monitoring. Our unique approach minimizes downtime and optimizes performance.

We continuously monitor more than 100 operating parameters through the use of telemetry so we can easily detect any technical issues, diagnose the cause and intervene before plant operations are affected. If a resolution cannot be achieved remotely, we have a nationwide network of factory authorized technical support engineers ready to provide local support onsite.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a highly reliable and accurate instrument that is consistently online and available to help them manage the contaminants affecting their water quality.

Service Contracts

Every instrument comes standard with a supporting service contract inclusive of a 5-year warranty, account management, preventative and safety maintenance.

Account Management Services

  • Manage account needs
  • Address concerns and Q&A
  • Provide service reports and industry updates

Standard Preventative & Safety Maintenance

Every quarter, a factory authorized service engineer is onsite at each client location to undertake routine preventative maintenance to ensure our instrument continues to effectively meet operational needs.

  • Check and refill chemical (reagent) levels
  • Provide technical and mechanical services as needed
  • Perform routine safety inspection to ensure care and quality of the unit and its environment.

Service Reports

Existing clients can receive a detailed quarterly service report, inclusive of data from the prior quarter and prior year. To see an example, you can download our Sample Service Report.