Aqua Metrology Systems

IWA World Water Congres

AMS will be showcasing solutions to predict, control and treat water from trace metal and inorganic contaminants in the Innovation Pavillion at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition being held in Copenhagen, Denmark from September 11-15, 2022. AMS will also be featured in “What’s Hot at the Innovation Pavilion” on Wednesday, September 14th from 12:15-1:15 pm in Room C2-Hall C2.

Visit the Innovation Pavillion (Stand E-101) to learn more about AMS’ online water quality instruments (Instran™, MetalGuard™, SafeGuard™ and THM-100™) that provide accurate and reliable data through continuous real-time monitoring and AMS’ SafeGuard™ H2O advanced in-situ reagent generation technology that provides an affordable, non-hazardous, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable solution to remove these contaminants from water and wastewater.