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In the latest episode of AMS Talks, Industry Consultant Nadia Abboud and Abigail Cantor, P.E., Chemical Engineer at Process Research Solutions LLC. discuss a collaboration project with Madison Water Utility. The project aims to evaluate real-time monitoring of lead and copper in drinking water, which is particularly timely given the recent EPA proposal to update regulations for reducing lead and copper exposure through drinking water. The proposed regulation will rely more heavily on using lead and copper monitoring and testing apparatuses that have historically lacked real-time data on water corrosivity, crucial for managing fluctuating lead and copper levels in water. Cantor outlines the historical challenges since the 1991 rule and the move toward an innovative testing apparatus approach that mimics residential plumbing and incorporates online monitors of lead and copper to provide for more frequent analysis. The initiative uses the AMS MetalGuard™ automated online trace metals monitor, which will analyze daily water samples from the Madison Water Utility for dissolved, particulate, and total lead and copper—a contrast to the previous bi-weekly manual tests that had significant data delay and high costs. Findings from this 24-week study, concluding in September 2024, will be shared in a detailed engineering report and other academic outlets. Utilities looking to adopt this cutting-edge monitoring and testing approach for lead and copper in drinking water systems can contact AMS for more information.