Aqua Metrology Systems


Wastewater generated in the metal finishing industry is varied and complex; containing levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. Heavy metals, in particular, are of great concern due to their toxicity. Because of the high toxicity and corrosiveness of plating waste streams, plating facilities are required to pretreat wastewater prior to discharge in order to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Plating facilities typically rely on external or onsite laboratories to analyze water quality parameters affecting their plating process. Routinely measuring these parameters enables a plating facility to greatly reduce the risk of chemistry concerns on the plating lines. Frequent analysis also helps to ensure process tanks are running at optimal levels so quality finished products can be provided to clients. Moreover, measuring water quality aids the facility in meeting stringent environmental discharge limits.

Online monitors or offline analyzers can be used in plating facilities to obtain real-time data on trace metal contaminants in the process and discharge water; helping to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance.