Aqua Metrology Systems

What does this live ticker show me?

This tabular ticker displays readings of real-time contamination data from sites that rely on the SafeGuard™ H2O system developed by AMS.

SafeGuard H2O is a patented technology that generates a stannous or ferrous based water treatment reagent onsite and on-demand through an electrolytic process. The technology reduces reliance on hazardous bulk chemicals and provides facilities with a sustainable alternative that offers numerous advantages for water treatment systems seeking to reduce GHG emissions while removing contaminants from their water and wastewater streams.  This modular, containerized system is rapid to deploy, can be powered by renewable energy sources, and produces no toxic waste streams compared to many legacy technologies such as reverse osmosis and ion exchange.

SafeGuard H2O can be applied for the remediation of arsenic, hexavalent chromium in groundwater water at the well or in the home; remove lead/copper in drinking water in schools and homes; prevent iron corrosion in cooling systems; treat phosphate and H2S, treat arsenic or hexavalent chromium in industrial effluent; treat and recover sulfur, selenium, and mercury from industrial wastewater and flue gases; and remove and inhibit biofilm growth in cooling systems to reduce corrosion and risk of legionella outbreaks, and so much more!

Want to know more?

This data is brought to you by AMS, with more than a decade of intensive research and development of real-time, online water quality monitoring and intelligent water remediation solutions to predict, control and treat regulated contaminants in drinking water, process water and wastewater. If you work in the water industry and are interested in our technology contact us.


Our live ticker is designed to supplement the statutory public notice and regulatory readings provided by utilities; we accept no liability for consequential losses arising from this non-regulatory information service.