Aqua Metrology Systems

Intellectual Property

Aqua Metrology Systems’ core expertise lies in developing compatible methods for automated sample extraction, preparation and quantitation methodology.

The AMS team has worked together since 2001 – first in the semiconductor fabrication industry (where they created the initial IP portfolio), and now at AMS, where they are applying the IP to deliver process metrology solutions to the drinking water production and water treatment industries.

The AMS Intellectual Property portfolio is fully protected with thirteen issued patents and one additional patent application pending. These patents, valued at over $2 million, are fundamental to the extraction and sample preparation work needed for the analytical analysis of disinfection by products (DBPs), such as THMs, halo acetic acid, and hazardous organics in potable water.

AMS also has the analytical and sample extraction skills to address diverse chemical and biological samples – preparing samples for analysis, building any hardware necessary for detection, and analyzing and interpreting the results.

AMS chemical metrology products offer the following unique features:

  • In-line sampling
  • Fully-automated sample extraction, preparation and analysis
  • Unattended operation
  • Accurate quantitation of analytes over several orders of magnitude (from ng/L to percentage level constituents)
  • Real-time analysis (and multiple analyses per hour).