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BlueTech Forum 2024

AMS has made a breakthrough in the on-site generation of ferrate- a very powerful antimicrobial and antibiofilm reagent for difficult-to-treat industrial wastewaters (e.g. produced water, refineries, textile) or for contaminant destruction such as PFAS. Visit AMS at the BlueTech Forum in Edinburgh, Scotland, from June 3-4, 2024, to learn more about this novel method for electrochemical ferrate generation.


Join AMS in the Innovation Hub at AWWA’s ACE24 in Anaheim, California from June 10-13, 2024 to learn more about how we are transforming the way we treat water.

Tri-State Seminar 2022

Join Vladimir Dozortsev PhD., Senior Product Manager for AMS at the 2022 Tri-State Conference where he will be presenting “Arsenic Groundwater Remediation with In-Situ Electrogenerated Reagent” on Thursday, August 11, 2022, from 10:40 am – 11:30 am (Pacific). Arsenic is one of the most difficult inorganic contaminants to remove. AMS’ innovative SafeGuard™ H2O is a fully automated, on-demand, on-site reagent generator that provides continuous reduction of arsenic to below 10 ppb. The in-situ electrogenerated reagent groundwater remediation technology is integrated with an online monitoring capability to measure arsenic levels, in real time 24/7/365.

Visit Booth #1218 to learn more about the SafeGuard™ H2O technology.